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R Barnard and Sons Roofing LTD  gets the job done right!

We are experienced in the techniques required to repair roof on both residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced team of roof repair specialists utilise years of experience to identify problems and provide a quick solution. We are equipped to repairs: slate, traditional roofs, concrete tiled roofs, rosemary tiled roofs, metal roofs and flat roofs. Further, we are equipped to carry out repairs safely on tenement building roofs.

In addition to repairing roofs we offer expert installation of new roofs using the latest high-tech roofing materials, regardless of type. We remove moss, lichen and debris from concrete roof tiles to improve appearance and performance. Our roof cleaning service utilises the latest equipment and technology. We are fully insured and experienced in traditional roofing and the latest innovations.

Including EPDM Roofing and Firestone roofing.

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